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Tyson’s 1997 Bout against Holyfield, the second time they had met in the ring, became renowned as The Bite Fight following Mike’s act of partial cannibalism.

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is hoping to knock you out with his new cannabis product – edibles in the shape of nibbled ears.

The intriguing products are a nod to when Tyson infamously bit off part of the ear of his opponent Evander Holyfield in their WBA Heavyweight Championship bout in Nevada in 1997. His edibles have been released by Tyson 2.0 – a cannabis company founded by the iconic boxer known as “Iron Mike”. They come in flavours including black eye berry, sour apple punch and watermelon.

The edibles are available from the company’s online store but have already been spotted in dispensaries in New York. The 57-year-old is reportedly planning a promotional tour at shops next month, including an event in Times Square. Not everyone in the cannabis industry is said to be enthused about the release of Tyson’s product.

Live Crayfish Hold Up Traffic

A truckload of crayfish was accidentally unleashed onto a Perth road today in a bizarre traffic incident.
A load of live crayfish spilt onto the road at a significant intersection in Kardinya. However, it is unclear what caused the incident.
Traffic on South Street and North Lake Road stopped as commuters whipped out their phones to film the sea creatures flopping around on the asphalt.
“No words,” one said in a social media post.
The crayfish were collected and returned to their crate after a worker in high-vis managed to gather them back up.


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