football tweetsInfamous for their penchant for tweeting inappropriately we take a look into the mind of the footballer…

Mesut Ozil

After securing a crucial 1-0 win over Arsenal, Man Utd fans were quick to rub it in; hacking Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Ozil’s, account to update his location.

Joseph Barton

” For all the nuggets fretting over the ball massage I gave Guth. Needn’t worry I’ve check in with his misses, they are still in tact! ”

If you read this tweet without having seen the QPR v Reading game (which let’s face it, means most of us) then you would be forgiven for being a little confused. Barton’s “ball massage” is referring to his use of the boot on Danny Guthrie’s private parts and it’s good to know everything is in good working order.

Gary Neville

” “@piersmorgan: Scholes doing Life Stories would be pure comedy, he’d run out of words after 3 minutes.” He could two foot u the other 57mins ”

Gary Neville joins the growing list of footballers/celebrities/general public/anyone who has ever lived who have shot down Piers Morgan with a simple tweet. I mean who wouldn’t want to two foot Morgan.

Ben Foster

” Load of shit. ”

Approximately 15 minutes after Chelsea secured a 2-2 draw against West Brom courtesy of a dive from Ramires to win a penalty, injured West Brom keeper Ben Foster tweeted this. We are going to take a guess and say these two events are connected.

Carlton Cole

” Bringing on Bendtner when you’re 1-0 down to Man U is like throwing a toaster in the bath whilst your drowning ”

The West Ham striker got straight to the point during the recent Arsenal- Man Utd match. Although Cole managed to eloquently put into words what everyone watching was thinking, with a goal scoring record as poor as his it is a brave move to criticise anyone.

Rio Ferdinand

“Hello @piersmorgan aka #MrsDoubtfire ?! #RVP just rubbed his bum on ya chins with that goal! #mufc ”

And it wasn’t just united fans who were revelling in the glory of their victory. Rio Ferdinand couldn’t help but gloat a little, with Piers Morgan again the target. And who knew rubbing your bum on someone’s chin was the new insult these days!

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