Florida Nudist Camp Spends Thousands Trying to Attract Naughty Europeans A nudist camp in Pasco County, Florida this week had a $4000 campaign approved aimed at attracting some of Europe’s 19 million nudists to the county’s beaches to flaunt their wobbly bits.

The ads, which will be placed in European publications, will promote Pasco County’s longstanding reputation as the nudist capital of America.

“The idea is to create a Euro-bird season in July and August which are our worst two months of the year,” said Eric Keaton, public communications manager for the Pasco County tourist development agency.

The first target market for the ad campaign will be Germany which, according to nudist organisation Pandabare’s application, is “a large and lucrative market whose millions of nudists are among the world’s most prolific travellers.” The group also anticipates a campaign aimed at nudists from France, The Netherlands and Britain.

Pasco County commissioners rejected a similar proposal from Pandabare in 2008, but this time it passed, four to one. Only time will tell if they’ll regret their decision: after all, hairy German women and beer bellied Brits are enough to put you off your Sunny D’…

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: RebeccaEJones

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