Filipino man undergoes multiple operations to look like SupermanSeriously we despair at the state of mankind at times when we hear shit like this. 35-year-old Herbert Chavez has undergone several surgical procedures including surgery on his nose, cheeks, lips, chin and thighs, as well as injections to whiten his skin. He now looks like a weird slightly oriental Dean Caine. Having been obsessed with Superman since he was a child, Chavez has accumulated a large amount of Superman memorabilia. Working as a dress designer by day, however sporting Clark Kent’s thick rimmed glasses, Chavez also fancies himself a bit of a superhero, but his super power is teaching children good values rather than saving toppling buildings with his bare hands (since you can’t get super-human strength implants as yet). Commenting on his contribution to society, Chavez said, “We should show them that even if you’re just a regular father or mother, anybody can become a superhero.” We assume children run screaming in terror when he tries to talk to them.

What we don’t understand is why Herbert Chavez says he’s a fan of Superman when clearly he’s dedicated to Michael Jackson, what with all the skin lightening, nose jobs, and talking to children.