Fifty Shades of Grey Brown SauceTalk about a saucy extract from a story! The new hit book Fifty Shades of Grey caused one boyfriend to take fetish to another level.
Raymond Hodgson had continued arguing with his girlfriend Emma McCormick over the book, as she loved it and he thought it was a bunch of porno crap; which is odd enough because Porn is a lifesaver to men! But as this argument continued, Hodgson paid a stop by to McCormick’s house armed with a bottle of Brown Sauce and threw it all over her and her precious walls for revenge!

Not only that, but now it has been taken to court for compensation to be paid to McCormick. So I think we all now know that Emma McCormick is not attracted to sauce going all over her face (pun intended) and that Hodgson doesn’t like porn, but he does like brown sauce. That’s sick enough, I’m more of a BBQ Sauce person myself.
The pair have fallen out, but Hodgson got the last laugh as he revealed he done it to show her what saucy really is, so I guess he proved his point eh Raymond?

By Jason Barr

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