FIFA Preseident Blatter Opens His Mouth Says Something Stupid - Shock HorrorWell, well, well, Sepp Blatter saying something stupid – what a monumental surprise.

The FIFA president has claimed in interviews with CNN and Al Jazeera that there is no racism in football, and should any racist abuse take place on the pitch, it should be solved with a handshake between those involved.

Obviously it’s not the first mentally confounding comment from the gaffe machine:

2004 – Women football players should tighter shorts.

2008 – Called the transfers of multimillionaire footballers ‘modern day slavery’.

2010 – Said Latin American countries would applaud John Terry’s infidelity.

2010 – When asked if Qatar was an appropriate place to host the 2022 World Cup due to their ban on homosexuality, he simply told gay fans not to have sex while in the country.

Of course, after making these comments he attempted to clarify what he meant, but it’s all too clear that this is a man completely out of touch with the world and would be more suited to running a gentleman’s club in the 1890s than being in charge of football.

After his comments on racism, he posted a photo online of him hugging Tokyo Sexwale, a South African government minister and former Robben Island prisoner, and he repeated his mantra of football being some sort of powerful force that, just by being present, can cure society of all its ills.

If football has the power to change so much so easily, why is it unable to cure Blatter from his chronic case of ‘massive ignorant twat’?

By Peter Simpson

Twitter: @weasel_delight