false leg helps to break curfew ankle tagA 29- year-old male from Rochdale has been breaking his court appointed curfew due to the fact he has a prosthetic leg.

Christopher Lowcock had been charged with drugs, driving and weapons offences, yet was being electronically tagged on his false limb, allowing him to remove the device. Private security firm G4S were fooled by Lowcock, after he wrapped a bandage around his prosthetic leg, which later allowed him to remove it. The Ministry of Justice has spoken out and stated “Two thousand offenders are tagged every week and incidents like this are very rare.”

The company has stated that they have become suspicious last month after a member of staff checked the tagging device, yet failed to notice it was attached to his false limb.

A spokesperson for G4S has stated that “given the critical nature of this service, we have very strict procedures in place which all our staff must follow”. This has led to the staff working on Lowcock’s tag, have both been dismissed.

It may be a rare occurrence, but you can’t deny it’s a clever way to get away from the tag.

By David Mahoney