Facebook Timeline Not Doing It For Most Of YouHere’s a bit of irony for you. Facebook recently released a new look for users’ profile pages called ‘Timeline,’ which allows users to basically show off their entire life on their homepage with more pictures and personal details. Your wall is covered in a timeline system that also shares the music you love on your homepage for your friends to listen to. So basically, your life is no longer private.

Well, Facebook users have now rebelled with 51% of users not happy with Timeline as they are worried about their personal lives. So, it’s taken a system which takes away all of your privacy over Facebook to realise you’re being paraded all over the internet?

Well we won’t say we told you so… yet. But, only 8% of those surveyed said they liked Timeline while another 8% said they were happy to get used to it; i.e. the wimpy way out of saying you’re torn between answers. Interestingly, the remainder said they didn’t know why they were still on Facebook.

Analyst experts predict that this latest issue will not affect Facebook as it is close to a billion users worldwide and is just as popular as Google. With over 30 million Facebook users in the UK (just under half the population) it’s likely the next time you are standing on a train with strangers, you’ll know their date of birth, previous jobs, relationship status etc. But if you like chatting with strangers, then Timeline is your thing.

By Jason Barr

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