Euro 2012 Goal Line TechnologyThat’s it ladies and gentleman, we have our quarter finalists! And believe it or not, it’s the mighty English who finished top of Group D ahead of the snail-paced French. Suck on them Snails! But it wasn’t without a bit of luck in England’s game with a goal that should’ve been.

England defeated Ukraine 1-0 thanks to a header from returning striker Wayne Rooney just after half time, but the Ukrainians will feel aggrieved as a shot from Marko Devic was saved by Joe Hart, but the ball trickled seemingly (definitely) over the line for John Terry to clear. The ball clearly went over, but I don’t know why everyone is moaning because Devic was clearly offside in the build-up. Sepp Blatter or Oleg Blokhin failed to mention that when complaining about the “goal” huh?

In the other game in Group D, France qualified for the quarter finals but suffered a 2-0 loss to Sweden. The Swedes looked to go out on a high and did with a spectacular Zlatan Ibrahimobvic volley, and then after Sebastian Larsson finished off the French in the 90th minute, which meant France finished 2nd and face Spain in the quarter finals.

England however face Italy, which is no easy task when you get distracted by Mr big shot Mario Balotelli in your ear all game! So good luck England!

By Jason Barr

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