Chris Cross EscapologistChris Cross; this man is a crazy mother… (shut yo mouth). But in all seriousness, he is crazy! And to prove that fact he is performing another crazy stunt for his next challenge; escaping from a straitjacket from Mike Tyson.

Cross is a well-known escapologist and is also a magician, but his next stunt turns him into a hybrid of the two as he will be strapped up in a straitjacket by Mike Tyson, the man of steel himself, as tight as Tyson can possibly make it. He will then have 90 seconds to escape from the straitjacket with no magic or key (which would make things a lot easier) but just his dislocatable shoulders as weapons to escape from the tight steel of Mike Tyson. And just to clarify, Mike Tyson isn’t gay (that we know of!).

The Sportsman’s Dinner Event will play host to Chris Cross on 9th October 2012 and Cross, who was previously dating Kate Middleton’s burlesque cousin Katrina Darling for a year, will be hoping that his ex can ask her distant cousins for some help if he gets stuck at all. So good luck Chris Cross, if you can date a sort of royal then you can escape Tyson.

By Jason Barr