He may be out with a mashed collarbone right now, but spud-headed Irishman Richard Dunne is doing everything he can to be fit for Euro 2012.

Unfortunately, he’s not resorted to some much-needed plastic surgery yet, but he has turned to American football club the Cleveland Browns and is flying to Ohio for a week to get their advice.

Next time you see Dunne on the pitch, expect him to be wearing a bright shiny helmet, huge shoulder pads and shouting ‘hut hut!’ every time some takes a throw in. “Because of the nature of American football, the Browns have a lot of experience in dealing with the kind of injury I suffered, so any help that I can get will be much appreciated,” Dunne blathered. “It will be a great experience also and a change of scenery for a week or so, which is also important. “It’s good to just change the environment and I’m looking forward to it. I think it will be a good week. I don’t know the specifics of what I’ll be doing there but it won’t be a million miles away from what we do here.”

Dunne was originally ruled out for eight weeks – but is hoping the trip to the States can speed up his recovery. But unless the Yanks have come up with a cure for being old and past it, we doubt Dunne’s career is about to relaunch itself.

“For anyone whose job is being outdoors, running around and doing constant activity, it’s a very frustrating injury,” he added. “You can’t do anything. I’ve been sat around doing nothing.”

Chin up Dunne, it sounds like excellent preparation for a job at the FA.

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