Drunk British Woman Falls Under TrainAnother Christmas, another Christmas party thus another drunken gaffe you hope no-one will remember. That is, unless, you get caught on CCTV and the clip is issued to the world as a warning about holiday drinking…

Footage has been released by British Transport Police of a woman staggering from a train at Barnsley station in South Yorkshire where she slipped, and failing to recover herself, fell and rolled under the train still at the station.

One reader of Sky’s website, where the clip was posted, described the woman as “drunk and trying to do the river dance at the same time,” while another concerned reader commented: “Have just had to text the ex to make sure she’s Ok.”

Luckily fellow passengers were more alert to the woman’s situation than she was and raised the alarm informing staff who helped her from underneath the train before she received any further injuries. The woman, who has agreed to the release of the footage as a warning against excessive Christmas drinking, escaped with only minor cuts and bruises, and of course, eternal shame.

By Sarah Jones

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