Dead Funny Colonel Gaddafi JokesRIP Jackie Stallone…..what was she doin in Libya anyway? Ash, Bondi

Will Gaddafi be found in his hometown?

I think it’s a dead Sirte. Rick, Balmain

So Gaddafi is dead, now he can rot in hell apart from his face, that’ll live forever. Jim, Paddington

Gaddafi’s dead but you won’t see any celebrations. In fact you’d be hard pressed to get a fucking Cadbury’s Freddo over there. Angela, Surry Hills

So gutted Gaddafi is dead, I really liked the bit in lord of the rings where he fights the Balrog on the bridge. Jason, Richmond
The Gaddafi’s : They do say “like father like son”

Yeah….dead. Nick, Adelaide

So now Gaddafi is dead, who will play Rocky in Rocky 14? Barry, St Kilda

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