David Ginola to sue Gerard HoullierDavid Ginola has finally lost his patience with Gerard Houllier and is taking his former international manager to court, in France.

Houllier has long blamed Ginola for France’s failure to qualify for the 1994 World Cup, when during the final qualifier against Bulgaria in 1993, instead of holding onto the ball for the last few moments, Ginola attempted a cross – which was intercepted by Bulgaria, who promptly ran up the field, scored, and won the game 2-1.

Over the years, Houllier has repeatedly referred to Ginola as a ‘backstabber’ and accused him of ‘murdering’ France’s World Cup bid with his performance, and also for allegedly contributing to a split between the Marseille and PSG players in the squad at that time.

Houllier has again taken time out from having heart attacks to repeat his accusations – but this time Ginola is not prepared to let the comments slide, and the court hearing is scheduled for 19th December in Toulon.

It’ll be interesting to see who Houllier tries to blame for him not keeping his mouth shut.

By Peter Simpson

Twitter: @weasel_delight