Council Staff Fall over Themselves to Work Getting out of bed in the morning can be a dangerous business. If we had a pound for every time we’d fallen over… Well, we’d probably still be short of the £5,500 one Lancashire Council staff member was awarded in compensation for tripping over his feet.
And he’s not the only UK council worker cashing in on embarrassing mishaps, as a freedom of information request by a British newspaper has revealed.
The report by The Sun highlights a whole array of payouts given to Benny Hill-like characters, including £7,750 given to a man who had a pool table collapse on his foot and £6,000 given to another who put his back out placing PAPER IN A PRINTER.
Many, like Emma Boon, campaign director at the UK’s Tax Payers’ Alliance, have voiced their outrage that council staff are getting away with making such ridiculous claims. But surely, the biggest scandal here has to be the shocking lack of video footage? After all, we all need a good laugh!
By Rebecca Jones