Womens Olympics CostumeHot women in swimsuits, girls ripping each other’s clothes off, moist genitals being pounded hard. It might sound like a typical night online for BBM, but we’re talking about the sexiest most brutal sport out there. Move over beach volleyball, water polo’s in town.

There’s a chance that you’re reading this after the Olympic water polo finals have taken place. If not, make sure that the missus is in bed then stay up to watch it. Because from what we’re hearing from the Aussie coaches of both the men and women’s team, it’s gonna be quite an eyeful. And not always in a good way.

Check out John Fox, who coached the men’s team at the Beijing Games and is masterminding their campaign in London.?”Obviously, in the swimsuit area, there are particular regions that you don’t want to get grabbed,” the aptly-named Cox said. ‘‘If a player is deliberately or continually making a play to grab you around the testicles, or in that area, it’s a bit of an unwritten rule that I instruct my players don’t put up with it. Let them know it’s not on. You’ve got to do it in a way that’s not above the water.”?It’s making our eyes water just thinking about it.

But now for the good bit. The same thing happens in the women’s event, and sometimes their lithe bodies can get a little, ahem, exposed from all the girl on girl action.?”A lot of the time, the girls are losing their cossies because they get ripped,” McFadden said. “In women’s water polo there is probably a lot more grabbing, because there is a lot more cossie. Wherever there there is some material, that’s an easy place to grab … with women, you can grab them in the middle of the back, in the middle of the chest – wherever you want, basically.”?You heard it folks, girls fondling each other until their clothes fall off. Now, where’s the Kleenex?

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