Collingwood FC TVYou generally hear of sports clubs venturing into other markets aside from the sports market. Well now Collingwood FC are going further than Manchester United and anyone who’s not Manchester United have gone before! They are delivering the world’s first club-branded Television into the stores with a deal with electronic men Kogan.

Kogan unveiled the product, a 42 inch LED TV (not in HD like the title, I apologise) with the Collingwood FC club logo branded all across the television when you switch it on. The television will cost a shattering $449, and the president of Collingwood FC Eddie McGuire had this to say about the deal; “Kogan is a home grown success story which is why they’re the perfect partner for Collingwood, a national sporting icon.”

So whatever you may say about the ambitiousness of the deal, I’m English so I don’t fully understand HOW big Collingwood FC is. But when I hear a sports club is gaining its own television, I think this league is worth tuning into every now and then.

By Jason Barr


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