WHEN BBM went to college we were stuck in a dorm with a fat nerd who jerked off in his sleep while singing Macho Man.

But all that’s about to change for one US University that is now introducing gender-neutral housing.

Gay, lesbian and transgender students at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus can now choose either male or female roommates under the new initiative. The move came after one student committed suicide when a video of him with another man was posted on the internet by his roommate.

The campus is now also allowing regular people to nominate whether or not they would like to share a room with a complete fuckwit. It’s revolutionary!
When asked how students were proving their sexuality one professor winked and shut his office door.

The number of gay students has now increased dramatically, with half the football team asking to room with various cheerleaders who they claim to be their fag hags.

The gay community is outraged. “Ever think that maybe we liked sharing a room with an unsuspecting jock?” cried a bunch of protesters.