sylerREMEMBER a few years ago when Steeeeevie Gerrard was on the verge of joining Chelsea until Liverpool won the European Cup?
Some journo asked him right after the final whistle why he’d want to leave and suddenly all his carefully-worded fence sitting came crashing down as he basically waffled on about his love for Liverpool and how it was all going to be alright, he wasn’t going anywhere. Bad move looking back at it now eh Steve?
Anyway, Cesc Fabregas seems to have done something similar. After having a Barca shirt pulled over his head following Spain’s World Cup triumph the Arsenal ace suddenly got all homesick.
“This is for the Arsenal players, the Arsenal fans, the manager Arsene Wenger and all the staff,” said Cesc.
“I am really proud to have been an Arsenal player. It is for all of them. They deserve it and they have a world champion at the club.”
Strange past-present tense usage aside, that’s a firm nail on the flag there Cesc.
“I had a text from Arsene Wenger. He said ‘Congratulations, you deserve it’.” added Cesc (pictured).
“I replied ‘Thank you very much’ and told him this is for the whole of Arsenal Football Club, who have helped me get where I am today.”
Of course, there’s a good chance he’ll end up at Barca by the end of the week. Or it’s just possible he’s realised he’s got no chance of playing regular first-team football for Barcelona after playing second-fiddle to most of them over the last few weeks.