Cat Soothes Crying Baby to SleepA youtube clip showing a cat soothing a crying baby to sleep has gone viral, notching up over 1,800,000 hits.

At first, it seems baby Connar wants nothing less than to be poked by Stewie the cat who assumedly just wants the noise to stop. However, as Connar continues to writhe around the friendly kitty patiently strokes Connar until he drifts off to sleep at which point Stewie moves in for a little kiss before turning to the camera proudly.

The clip was uploaded by Connar’s dad, Aaron Grant of Canada back in September, but after being picked up by web surfers across the globe it has finally gone viral.

Youtube users have given the clip an overwhelmingly positive response with comments like that from ‘thatfruitarianchick’ saying how it shows cats ‘seem to have strong instincts to comfort others’ and another from an astute observer: “the power of the cat compels you!” Though others have voiced concern that Stewie is allowed so close to Connar: “you shouldn’t let the cat so near to the baby. It could scratch his face in a split second before you could react.”

Though frankly, we at BBM think they’re all missing the point: a black kitty with a diamond collar stroking a tempestuous bald human? The baby is nothing more than an accessory in Stewie’s plan for world domination. If we were you Aaron, we keep an eye on what’s going on underneath that kitty litter box…

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter @RebeccaEJones

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