Can't take any MourThe ego-filled powder keg called Real Madrid, gets ever closer to kabooming with news that all is not well on the good ship Galactico. Despite setting the pace in La Liga for once, and cruising through to the knockout stages of the Champions League, it seems there’s mutiny ahoy for Captain Jose Mourinho and his crew of cashed-up swashbucklers.

Rumours are rife of a bust-up between players and manager following the club’s defeat to Barcelona in the Copa del Rey last month. Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time.

Mourinho was reportedly unhappy that his players refused to defend the team’s negative tactics against Barcelona, telling defender Sergio Ramos: “All the Spanish players have been world champions and your friends in the Press protect you. Like the keeper.”

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas – 30 yards away – shouted: “Hey, boss, here we say things face to face, OK?”

When Ramos explained a change in tactics for the corner which led to Barca’s first goal, Mourinho, who did not play professionally, rapped: “Are you trying to be the manager now?”

Ramos replied: “No, but at times we have to change the markings. As you have never worn shorts, you don’t know these situations arise.”

The mental image of Jose Mourinho wearing tight shorts and ‘popping out’ Alan Partridge-style is disturbing enough, but things got worse for the manager when he was booed by the team’s fans at the next game. Not that he gave a shit.

“If they jeered me at a club where they don’t normally jeer anybody, then I might be worried. But here, where they jeer the biggest names in football, it’s not a problem,” he shrugged.

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