the-buxom-banditA woman terrorised an Australian petrol station, brandishing a knife in what seemed to be an unplanned robbery. The three minute attack was all caught on CCTV at the store on Queensland’s Gold Coast, providing police with a good couple of clues as to who the culprit could be.

Nicknamed the ‘Buxom Bandit’ for obvious reasons, the woman made no attempt to hide her face and wore only one glove, leaving numerous fingerprints behind. The boobed attempt gave police an easy time of tracking her.

Tonee Walker (22) was on the run for five days before finally giving herself in. She has appealed at court claiming that the burglary was committed under the influence of drugs and alcohol, substances with which she had been known to have had prior problems with. Her application to remain under house arrest and curfew was refused as she was deemed likely to offend again.

In the car waiting for a getaway during the robbery was a male accomplice, Alexander Joshua Spinks, who later said that he had deliberately adjusted her top. Presumably he had hoped that the store attendant would be rendered powerless and suggestible at the sight of the cleavage as many would be, simply letting the woman walk out with whatever she wanted.

Apparently she’s quite embarrassed about the whole ‘Buxom Bandit’ publicity, but look on the bright side… I’m sure that ‘The Sun’ would love to get her on Page 3 for a curvy criminal special.

By Lewis Roe

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