British can't spell riteA new survey has found that our trusty spellchecks are making us all stupid.

Testing a number of people on their spelling, three quarters of whom were proud of their literacy prowess, it was found that a third struggled when it came to the word separate or definitely. Two thirds could not spell ‘necessary’.

According to the survey, relying on spellchecks to save us from our regular errors means we never learn from our mistakes halting our evolution as a species and probably even regressing us all to the level of apes.

The survey results have sparked fears that we may be entering an ‘auto-correct generation’.

I’m more concerned about the people who don’t use spellcheck and insist on writing idiocy such as ‘dare’ in place of ‘their’, ‘bois’ instead of boys and ‘Respek’ instead of ‘I’m a frickin’ moron’.


By Lewis Roe

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