Brit wins scrabble game by refusing a strip searchIt was an exciting Friday night for contestants at the Scrabble World Championships in Warsaw… where we’re assuming they don’t have many pubs or strip clubs. English born Ed Martin was demanded a strip search by his opponent when the letter ‘G’ mysteriously disappeared. We reckon the dirty bugger was definitely clutching it.

When his 25-year old rival from Thailand insisted he be taken to the loo and strip searched for the missing tile unsurprisingly the scrabble officials refused. Perhaps his suspicion stirs from the massive number of ping pong balls he’s lost in the past. Much like Ed’s orifices the match was really tight as in the end he won by just one point.

The overall winner was Nigel Richard from New Zeland who bagged the £12,700 prize with the word ‘omnified’. No, we haven’t got a clue what it means either. Ironically, upon receiving the money the scrabble winner’s only reaction was “nice”. A man of few words in the end then.

At least these guys have given us a few ideas about how to take the boredom out of board games though. Game of naked Twister anyone?

By Rachel Trickett