JUDGE Dredd may have the cool outfit, a healthy comic franchise and a flying motorbike, but when it comes to tackling crime head on, he’s a pussy compared Judge Douglas Marks Moore.
The 60-year-old Londoner was wearing full judge regalia, including that silly blonde wig they all have, while presiding over the case of sex offender Paul Reid – when the defendant gave an evil cackle (possibly) and made a bolt for the door.
Quick as a flash, Moore jumped from his box and a Jason Bourne-style chase scene ensued – so long as you can imagine Bourne wearing a dodgy wig and ridiculously long red robes.
You might want to grab some popcorn as Prosecutor Rupert Gregory takes up the rest of the story…
“As he went through the door, his honour Judge Marks Moore grabbed him round the throat to try to bring him down,” said Gregory.
“Together they went down three steps and then Mr Reid broke free and ran down the judge’s corridor.
“The judge gave chase. Just as Mr Reid was about to open a push-handle fire door, Marks Moore rugby-tackled him around the throat and waist and brought him crashing to the ground, landing on top of him.
“He held him there, struggling and protesting, until the prison officers managed to catch up, secure him and return him to custody.”
It’s not known if the judge finished off with a classy one-liner like: “Case dismissed!” or something.