bali earthquakeBali was today rocked by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. At least 50 people have been injured, and some seriously.

Temples have crumbled to the ground, and people fled buildings as they cracked and fell, sparking panic on the island.

“It knocked me off my motorcycle,” said one resident, Miftahul Chusna. Caroline Mercier, a 40-year-old tourist in the island’s cultural centre of Ubud, said she was used to feeling quakes in California, but never like this one. “It started at my feet and went all though my heart and head — it made me nauseous. My first reaction was to get out of the house. I was very confused when the roof started shaking,” she told Reuters.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake’s epicentre was in the ocean 100km southwest of Bali’s capital Denpasar, measuring the magnitude at 6.0 with a depth at 61km. However Indonesian authorities have pinned the quake, which struck at 2.16pm AEDT, had a magnitude of 6.8 and struck at a depth of 10km. We think we’ll hedge our bets with the Indonesian authorities seeing as they were there!

Luckily the earthquake wasn’t strong enough to trigger a tsunami, however the earthquake was felt in the neighbouring islands of Lombok and Java.