warne - what is he good forWARNE (left)…. McGrath… Lee… names capable of ripping an England top-batting order to shreds time and time again.
Hauritz… Johnson… erm… we can’t remember the others without checking online. Is Peter Siddle still in the squad?

Well, you get the picture. And so too does former England skipper Michael Vaughan who has stated the obvious by claiming that the Aussie attack doesn’t have the “X Factor” of previous sides. What Simon Cowell’s got to do with it, we don’t know.

“It’s harder being a captain when you don’t have the ammunition in your bowling attack,” Vaughan said (and he should know). “If they got 300 a few years ago, they knew that Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath would get them back in the game. He [Ricky Ponting] doesn’t have the ‘X factor’ bowlers who can change games.”

Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne both retired after helping their side regain the Ashes in emphatic style four years ago. But with huge (some might argue unfair) question marks hanging over Hauritz, and a misfiring attack we’re quietly confident England won’t be pummeled 5-0 this time.