Toilet ProtestsWe always wondered after The Simpsons episode if Australian toilets do go the other way around, and now we might have some visual proof thanks to some protestors. Not in the most scientific way, but it is proof enough.

Twelve people dressed in bowler hats and smart suits, brought their toilets down to a beach in Adelaide and dropped their trousers and sat on the toilets in protest for public toilets in the local area, as there are none currently in the area. If you ask me there must be a lot of shit in that area if there aren’t any toilets, so this protest must have been nothing out of the ordinary for the local council.

Local photographer Andrew Baines came up with the master poo plan, and will paint the protest for an exhibition in January 2013. Apparently the idea was because they found it rude to ask local cafes to use their toilets as it disrupted any harmony, well I think pissing off loads of people’s quiet time drinking coffee is much better than watching a 50 stone man taking a piss into the sea.

By Jason Barr

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