“Asta La Vista Laptop” as Google Create Terminator-Style GlassesIf I told you that something from the Terminator movies was coming soon in the next few years, you would think the 2012 predictions were really going to be a Cybernetic attack on Humans. But luckily for you, it’s a positive Terminator fiction that is coming soon. Google have been working on a prototype set of glasses that feature a HUD and virtual reality programming; in other words similar to Arnold Schwarzenneger’s characters red vision in the hit franchise. So if you’ve ever wanted to be like Arnie, you can look like him with those bad boys.
The glasses are designed to tap into googles cloud-based applications and you can use software, take pictures and gather information all in your line of sight. So now instead of drink-driving, you can’t cloud-surf-drive anymore as your line of vision could be elsewhere. The goggles will have voice input and output and the HUD would operate in one eye to avoid disorienting wearers, which is mighty nice of Google.
It is unknown when or if the goggles will be produced commercially for all to use, but I think that Google is either a genius for creating this, or they are a forefront for Skynet; for all you people who haven’t seen The Terminator films, Skynet takes over the world with Robots, but Google are too nice for that.

By Jason Barr

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