Minor InjuryRemember when Aaron Ramsey’s ankle snapped like a twig in that challenge from Ryan Shawcross, or when Fabrice Muamba keeled over on the pitch and almost died.

Well Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez has picked up an eye-wincing injury to top the lot. He did his back in saying hello to small child.?”I have no idea how it happened,” said big wuss Gonzalez. “It was something I’ve done a million times.”?The Boston Globe newspaper report that he was grabbing a cup of coffee when he bent over to say hello to the kid, only to feel his lower back lock up as he did so. The incident left the big girl’s blouse with back spasms and it took two matches before he could reclaim his place in the Red Sox line-up.?It’s not the first case of a bizarre baseball-related injury either.

Back in the day, Atlanta Braves’ pitcher John Smoltz wanted to look good for his side’s next game so decided to iron his jersey. The problem was he did it while wearing it. Unsurprisingly, he was badly scalded and had to sit out the next match. On the plus side, he was the most smartly-dressed patient in the burns unit.?Nor is it the first time a toddler has injured a professional sportsman.

When former England midfielder David Batty was still “playing” (and by “playing” we mean running around a lot and hurting people) he was just about to return from an achilles injury when he was involved in a hit and run that left him back on the treatment table. The offending driver happened to be his young daughter, who ran him over on a tricycle.

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