Aisle of MenIt’s a well-known fact that men don’t approach shopping the same way women do.

It’s pretty much a grab what you need and go mentality – which is why it makes perfect sense that an American supermarket has launched the ‘man aisle’.

A grocery store in Manhattan has put laddish items such as razors, beef jerky, beer and condoms in one place to make for easy shopping.

“Initially it was a joke,” George Zoitas, owner of the Westside Market on 110th Street and Broadway, told CBS radio.

“We were tossing around an idea about maybe making a man section with everything a man would need, whatever men buy.”

The idea seems to be going down well with the blokes, who are enjoying not having to trail around the store for their lad essentials.

Andy Huber, 23, of Harlem, told the New York Post: “I don’t like to spend much time in the grocery store, so having this aisle makes things much easier for me.”

Now there is talk of other stores adopting the concept and even developing it to include a ‘woman’s aisle’.

Not sure one aisle will do for all women’s ‘essentials’.

By Anna Tabrah

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