He Must Be Kicking Himself

Remember the time goalkeeper Dave Beasant injured himself by dropping a bottle of salad cream on his toe? How about when Leeds United hardman David Batty was ruled out for a match because his toddler ran over his foot on a tricycle? Well now AFL star Mitch Wallis has added his name to the list of freakish sports injuries, albeit in a slightly more painful way.
The Western Bulldogs player broke his leg in two places during a game against St Kilda – after accidentally kicking himself. We’re not sure if that makes his legs incredibly strong or incredibly weak.
Wallis had just been handed the ball at speed when the injury occurred. He was leaning back to boot the ball when he was given a little nudge from a Saints player, which was enough to put him off his stride and make his trailing foot smash the back of his standing leg. Initially it looked pretty innocuous… until he started screaming in agony. Yeesh.