A family in southern India believe that they can cure asthma – by getting patients to swallow a live fish whole.

The Bathini Goud Brothers, who reside in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, coat the fish in a special herbal mix, a secret formula which was given to the family by a Hindu saint 170 years ago.

After patients have swallowed the fish, they must adhere to a strict diet of just 25 different foods for 45 days. This includes spinach, white sugar and rice. Yum.

This remedy must be repeated for three consecutive years. The treatment days are chosen by astrologers.

The way in which the fish works to cure asthma is that its fins and tail move as it slips down the throat and ‘negotiates’ the phlegm congestion, apparently providing a 100% cure.

Sounds a bit fishy to us.

By Georgina Deacon

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