A Dingo Ate My BabyA case that has dragged on for 30 years has finally been settled.

In August 1980 8-week-old Azaria Chamberlain disappeared from a tent in the desert in the Northern Territory of Australia. Her body was never found and the world cast aspersions on her mother Lindy who spent 3 years in jail for the death of her baby.

However new evidence has arisen that saw the clothing of baby Azaria Chamberlain found in a dingo den, and Lindy Chamberlain has now been acquitted of murder, and Azaria Chamberlain’s death certificate has been changed to read that she was killed by dingos.

Azaria Chamberlain’s father, Michael Chamberlain, commented on her death stating,”Since the loss of Azaria I have had an abiding fear and paranoia about safety around dingoes,” reported by the Australian Associated Press.

Well, good for Lindy Chamberlain, she can finally escape the clutches of being responsible for people using the phrase “A dingo ate my baby” when taking the piss out of Australians.

By Lance Weeber

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