Living in the middle of Kings Cross, BBM comes across our fair share of mentalists. Whether they’re mumbling incoherently about demons and smelling of B.O., or stumbling drunkenly in front of a moving car whilst yelling about “John Howard’s faaaackin super trains!” We’ve all laughed at their crazy theories. Louis Theroux even built a career out of it.

Now meet Larry Peters. On the face of it he seems normal enough. The 42-year-old is a computer repairman with a wife, two kids and a nice house in Cornwall. But in actual fact, Peters is a bloody freak who thinks the world’s technology is about to be destroyed by a giant solar flare, which will knock out communications, energy and food supplies and result in worldwide anarchy.

Over the last few months he’s spent £10,000 on a 4×4 in case they need to flee, £1,200 on guns and ammo, and filled giant tanks with water to build up a 700-gallon reserve. He’s also taught his family, including nine-year old daughter Lily, how to hunt and gut animals. Not that ‘hunting’ animals in Cornwall strikes us as particularly difficult – how hard can it be to track a field of sheep?

“I’m ready for it. In a way I want it to happen,” Larry frothed.

“Solar flares are from the sun – energy particles sent towards the Earth. These flares have the ability to disrupt human technology such as radar, radio, mobile phones, the internet – everything modern society depends onto keep running.”

The madness doesn’t stop there. Larry has also kitted out his family’s three-bed terrace to cope with every eventuality. They have installed a generator for back-up power, hoarded a two-month food supply, they keep ten chickens for a constant supply of eggs and have cultivated a 150ft vegetable patch in the garden.

“Lots of people are going to die. The Government and the super-rich know this is going to happen and they are prepared. That leaves the rest of us to fend for ourselves,” added Larry in true bonkers style.

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