2’500 watch a tiny sprog pop out of Ontario woman.Giving birth to a child is an immensely fulfilling and wonderful experience. Agreed? Many of us have not yet enjoyed this “special time” in our lives, but
suffice to say we can all agree that it is not a pretty procedure. Take a moment to remember the feelings of utter disgust and nausea you were unable to suppress when watching those sex education videos. Childbirth is downright grim to watch!

But that didn’t stop 32-year-old Nancy Salguerio placing her camera at an uncomfortably intimate angle to broadcast the birth of her son, Oziah, live on the
internet yesterday morning from her home in Barrhaven, Ontario.

Not only that, 2’500 people tuned in to watch the kid pop out of her, some tuning in from as far away as Norway, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Australia.

A few other women have already performed the same feat online, but this lady was the first to stream a home birth. What an achievement! I’m sure her son will thank her greatly in the future for featuring him in her bid to simply show women ” a truly natural birth!”

By Alexandra MacLeod