200 Nude Students Crash FerryWhen BBM casts its mind back to the Dover to Calais crossings on educational excursions all we remember is people puking and trying to buy booze without getting caught, but 200 students from Manchester Metropolitan University showed everyone how it’s done.

The students decided to run riot upon the P&O ferry, stripping off and dancing on tables whilst on their way to a ski trip in the Alps and trashing the £180 million ferry.

The Sun reports that Captain Steve Johnson described the behaviour of undergraduates from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester as “despicable” last night. Commenting on the incident, Captain Birdseye said, “There was dancing on tables and bottles and glasses kicked off tables. Males and females were exposing themselves in generally drunken, loutish behaviour. There were many complaints.”

Sounds like a riot to us!

By Fanny Frangipane

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