The Kardashians are so used to being at the centre of attention. With Caitlin Jenner’s recent gender change, the family have been hot in the media lately. So why not enjoy some funny Kardashian memes around the internet to fulfil their attention seeking needs.
It’s interesting that Kim Kardashian has called her child North when she’s only famous because of her activities down south.
North West proves that she enjoys judging people, just like her mother, Kim
Where will you always find Kim Kardashian in a swimming pool?
In the shallow end.
Kim Kardashian taking selfies as a daily activity
Bruce Jenner wears a dress in public and Vanity Fair asks him for a photo shoot.
I wear a dress in public and the police ask me for a breathalyser.
Kris is rumoured to be upset that the 'K' name tradition isn't being continued by her ex husband, Caitlin Jenner
Had so many laughs at the people doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge!
Won’t be doing the new Bruce Jenner challenge though…
Kylie Jenner is clearly not happy about her appearance
It’s rumoured that to get her to first go on a date with him, Kanye West serenaded Kim Kardashian with one of his songs in a restaurant.
Kim Kardashian might be the biggest gold digger
We all know celebrities enjoy a little bit of photoshop once in a while to enhance their features, but has this gone too far?
Has Photoshop gone too far? Kim Kardashian's butt is the wrong way around
This image kinda makes this couple seem a bit more normal and human. This is what we hope happens to them in 10 years time to make them more relatable.
Kim and Kanye in ten years time
Maybe Kendall Jenner is the smartest out of all the girls in that family!
Kris getting dissed by Kendall Jenner
Keeping Up With The Kardashians can be compared to watching American Horror Story; it’s simultaneously horrifying and addictive!
Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians is just like watching American Horror Story